Too much mental baggage

My Story – By Don:

After two years of dating from the Internet, I thought I had found my true love. Since the majority of the women I met tried to use me for my money, I decided not to let the next one know I was financially well off. So I used a vehicle from work when I met her. Through all our e-mail chatting, even before I finally met her, I knew she was the one for me. So I purchased a new 3900 sq. ft. house. I had bought her a purple Prowler as a wedding gift because she said she like purple cars and convertibles. We were talking about going to honeymoon to the Bahamas.

The problem began when she wanted to stay at my place. I told her I had a male roommate and we agreed not to have women stay over. This would have also given away my financial situation. When we first met it was just wonderful and everything I thought it would be. After all the plans we had made when she got home and when we were chatting she accused me of playing games and being a liar like all of her other ex’s because I didn’t let her stay over at my house. And after a few days she refused to talk to me at all. So… this is the warning guys… when a woman has had three or four relationships, and a kid with each guy, they’re just carrying too much mental baggage from their past and can doubtfully ever keep a relationship together.

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