Single at 46!

My Divorce Story – By Eddie:

Hello, i have been reading all the messages and am amazed that so many people are in the same boat as i. I have been married for 24yrs and now find myself staring divorce in the face. My wife decided that now she needs her freedom, she must be the only married woman who does not go out with the girls on a Saturday night! And has decided that now is a good time to start. Our three children are nearly all adults, which is a godsend. I see we all go through the same emotions and self doubts, i too thought i was married for life and was looking forward to spending more time with each other, she had other ideas! Ironically the end was brought about by her using chatroom’s and contacting other fellas. It is a bit more involved but would take me a while to fully explain.

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3 thoughts on “Single at 46!

  1. Hi guys, I am 36 years old and my wife left months ago with the same idea, that it was time for her to have a life!!! I can’t say it gets better overnight, but in time it gets easier to deal with. Hurt and betrayal are the worse things to experience in life especially when caused by the person closest to you. The last person on earth you expect to hurt you most in your life is your partner, yet they have.

    In one foul swoop, they have shattered all belief you had in your marriage. Made me wonder what the last 10 years were all about!!! All I can say is stay here, you will get all the comfort and support that you need to help you through this. I know I certainly have!!!! Take care

  2. I am 6 weeks into the process now. I have a combination of the lot. My wife is 40, I have 2 young kids and I didn’t see it coming. Quite the opposite. I thought it was getting better. The most important thing is to put a structure on your life. Gain information to combat fear and have some realistic dreams and goals. Try to put a bottom line on what is worrying you most. Talk to a good friends. Luckily I have two I can really talk to which isn’t bad for a chap.

    I have a long way to go and I am sure that I take many more downers. I still don’t understand fully why this is happening to me but it could be an opportunity to come out ahead of your partner in the end. Thats the positive face I am trying to run with at the moment.

  3. Hello single at 44, I am nearly the same age, my wife walked out on me, about 5 months ago and said she just realized she didn’t love me anymore, which was just an excuse to start sleeping around. I know how you feel at this age, it is hard to think of someone else or trying to move on when you thought it was something special and it would last. I have been very depressed since this all happened. God Bless

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