My wife left me and I am wondering why?

My Story – By Devastated:

My wife left me and I am wondering why? We have been married for two years and she has been unhappy for some time and missed work. She didn’t trust our daughter with anyone outside her family and now my wife and child are 1,200 miles away. I am devastated.

She told me she doesn’t want a divorce and I want to believe her. I am a military man with 3 years left until retirement. I love both of them with all my heart and soul and I hate being away from them. I want this to work with all of my heart and I pray for her every day that she will always remember that I Love her.

Please send me some advice quickly.

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1 thought on “My wife left me and I am wondering why?

  1. Dear Devastated:

    Your wife is the only one who can say why she left. How old is your daughter? Is this a recent birth? If so, it’s possible your wife is experiencing some depression, which often strikes new mothers.

    It is possible there are other problems which she simply does not want to discuss with you, for some reason. But, she owes you an explanation. It’s not enough to say she doesn’t want a divorce, without talking about what drove her to leave.

    It may be that the best you can do is insist that she explain herself and offer to go to counseling with her to work out whatever real or imagined problems exist in the marriage.

    You have a right to see your child, whatever is going on, and you might consult an attorney about these rights.

    Best Wishes

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