My wife found an old boyfriend online

My Story – By Andrew:

I have never done this before but I hope this might help me. My relationship is in trouble and I really want to save it, but I can not forgive or trust my wife. We have been married for seven years and have two kids. My problem is that two years ago my wife found an old boyfriend online and had an affair with him for about a year. She constantly lied to me and really messed up my head.

Why I stuck through that I do not know other than the fact that I thought that she would realize she was making a mistake and that I really love her. Since then she has told me she is sorry and all that stuff that people say but I can not trust her. I really love her but I am causing problems all the time because I do not trust her. I still bring up the affair and question her why and accuse her of still cheating on me. She tells me I’m crazy and have nothing to worry about but I can’t help myself.

Just this morning I saw what looks like a deep finger scratch on her back and instantly I thought she cheated on me and I questioned her. She got mad because once again I distrusted her. This is causing our relationship to suffer for both of us. I wish I could forget and forgive but I don’t seem to be able to do that.

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