Light at the end of the Tunnel

My Divorce Story – By Paul P:

After splitting with my wife and four children after 9 years of marriage I was completely lost, devastated and suicidal. It has now been 3 months and things are getting better! A combination of anti-depressants, counselling and divorce chat has helped me to realise I am not alone. All my feelings are normal. Life does go on. It is so hard at first and when people say you will get through it all you don’t believe it, but you do get through. You begin to accept what has happened and see light at the end of the tunnel. It may not be what you wanted but it is what has been thrust upon you. For those visiting this site who are despairing, it really does get easier. Keep talking and you will pull through. You will move on. You will begin to accept what has happened and see it all as just another phase in your life. The pain never goes away but it will become part of who you are.

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1 thought on “Light at the end of the Tunnel

  1. Hi that’s good to hear. Like you I posted a note on my situation a while back. I’ve had the sleeping pills and the Valium and the panic attacks and at the time I couldn’t imagine ever being not being sad or being interested in the future. But time does make a difference. There were two things that helped me (besides this web site and the contacts I made). 1. Not seeing my wife for a while – when I see her I can only see my wife – not who she is now – and all the old emotions come back. 2. I read this somewhere and it sounds crazy but it worked. Auto-suggestion. I walked up and down the sea front where I live and kept telling myself, “I’m O.K. I’m relaxed. Life goes on. Life is good. It’s a lovely day”, etc. I didn’t believe it when I said it, but that didn’t matter. Every time you get sad and think of what has happened, just start reciting the mantra. It takes a while, but keep doing it and after a while it seems to re-route your brain into a different way of thinking and feeling. I was amazed.

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