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My Story – By Arden:

What are you supposed to do when a relationship comes to an end, but you still have to see the other person everyday b/c you guys both live in same house? I find it very hard not to control my emotions towards this person. For I am still very much emotionally attached to her, even though I know she couldn’t care less about me. I feel every time she shows me a little bit of kindness, I find myself back in the state of wishing we were still together. I guess I am trying to say… What would you do in my situation? I want to get over her, but how when she is always right there in my face!

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1 thought on “Getting over someone – Stuck In The Same House…

  1. Controlling your feelings around someone you once loved is never going to be an easy thing to do, let alone if you have to interact with this person on a daily basis. People are quite prone to getting attached, and when its all said and done it’s sometimes hard to just flip the switch. Seeing as though you can’t completely avoid seeing this person more then you’d like to, I’d suggest slowing down the actual amount of contact you guys have. It may seem cold, or anti social but like any other hurt muscle, the heart needs to repair too. Constantly interacting with this person, trying to turn it from a heated relationship into a friendship too quickly may ensure a slow recovery. If you find yourself unable to talk to this person without reading more into his kindness then she actually means my best advice would be to seriously lower your contact with her until you feel stronger. She may get insulted, sassy or otherwise annoyed but she has to realize that what you guys have been through is obviously bothering you and she can’t casually think its all going to be ok.

    In closing, know that heartbreak is always going to be a hard thing to deal with. Whether you live with the person or not, recovery just doesn’t happen over night. Read, write and mediate, look fondly on the times you two had together when they were good and discard the rest. Never blame yourself, blame the circumstances and breath. It will be ok…

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