My wife died and i am lonely – What do I do?

Phoenix Men QuestionsCategory: LonelinessMy wife died and i am lonely – What do I do?
Jonathon asked 3 months ago

I was married to a wonderful woman for 42 years, she was my soul mate and my best friend. Since my wife’s death things have changed a lot. Our children we did not see for many years turned up for the funeral. They convinced me the house me and my wife lived in was too big for me now. It all happened so fast my home was sold and I now live in a small flat in a complex for old people. I do not feel old, I am healthy and still fully mobile. I just sit in a chair all day watching TV, maybe I will go to the shops.

I feel so alone, every day is a struggle to get out of bed, some days I wish I was dead just to be with my wife? Has anyone been through this? What advice or help is out there? Excuse the dark tone of this question I just miss my wife so much and am losing the will to carry on without her. Jonathon

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Thornton Staff answered 3 months ago

The hurt of losing a loved one can be so overwhelming such that we drown in loneliness and depression. What do you think she would have wanted for you? To be happy of course! So be happy and find new meaning in life. “I do not feel old, I’m healthy and still fully mobile.” Those are your words, so why then do you sit and watch TV all day when you can do so much fun and life invigorating activities with your time.

No one can pretend to understand how you feel. It must have really hurt to lose and I understand you miss her. Yet you need to move on and find meaning in life because you can only live once.

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