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Alex asked 3 months ago

I had many friends when I was younger, some great friends. Now in my late 40s I do not have 1 single friend a real friend that is. I just lost touch with my friends i had when I was younger. Over the years I have bumped into a few here and there but there just not the same people as when we were younger, we all change through time I suppose.

It seems as if everyone does and their talking online or through apps, no one seems to communicate anymore. Is it me or is the world changing in a negative way?

All I want is a friend someone to grab a pint with, someone to talk too.

Any guys out there in their 40s been through this? If so how did you cope? Cheers guys.

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Thornton Staff answered 3 months ago

You’re certainly not alone in this. Instant messengers have taken over serious and more intimate face to face interaction. It’s just one of the downsides of this technologically advanced world. I hope you understand that life is an inverted pyramid in virtually all things. You start with a lot options/dreams/friends/good health and watch it diminish as you grow older.

While the number of friends you have may reduce, I believe you should still have some ride or die friends. Yes, they might have changed, but it could be something bothering them or life problems that made them distant.

Another thing you need to realize in this modern world is that no one is too willing to give more than what they’re capable of. Concisely grow a thick skin and be your best friend. So personally, I try not to be needy and have my happiness controlled by people. I occupy myself with fun activities and I invest my emotions in my family because in the end they’re the only ones you truly have.

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