Man living with depression in old age

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Graham asked 3 months ago

I live alone in a high rise block of apartments, its been this way for 9 years now. I am alone after my then wife decided she wanted to be with a man she met after she took on a new job. Things seemed good between us for all of our 23 years together. I provided for her and her children well, I worked damn hard to buy a family home and make sure her/our children never did without.

I never had children of my own, I met my ex wife whilst working in her area, she had 3 young children from a previous relationship. Sad thing is after raising the children and us divorcing not one of them have came to see me, that hurts a damn lot.

Well its the past now and I feel all alone in the world I am now in my mid 60s and can not stop thinking about death, I try to start each day on a positive note but as the day wears on the bad negative thoughts enter my head. Night time is the worst.

No matter what advice you can give the fact still remains my time is limited, if I could just find happiness someone to talk with a companion until I am no more. All my life I worked hard and struggled, I was a good man and now this. I do not want to feel sorry for myself but I do feel badly done to and that life has dealt me a pretty crappy hand.

Is there any hope? Whats it all about? Life that is – Take care folks.

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Dava answered 3 months ago

One can only imagine the amount of pain and hurt you feel. Women can really be heartless. I will spear you the bullshit advice of get out there, find new hobbies and do new things because how can you do these things when you’ve lost so much and the will isn’t just there anymore. Firstly, I will advise you to move to a more friendly neighborhood or apartment that can afford you more interaction with your neighbours unlike where you currently live. Seeing and talking with people will definitely make things better.

Another thing you can do if you are financially capable is to adopt a dog for yourself. Those kids were probably weaponized against you by their mum. Taking care of a dog will give you a new found purpose and bring smiles to your face. And finally live a life of gratitude as it opens doors for more blessings. Count your blessings because it could have been worse. We are all not getting out of this life alive so don\’t make something inevitable come so soon. Eventually when you are happy and contented with life, you\’ll meet that significant other that will keep you happy. There\’s hope!

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