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Max asked 3 months ago

I am a 50 year old man and my life is a lonely one. I have 3 children from my marriage but I never see them. I know they have their own lives to live now and their own families. I remember when I was younger I also did not visit my parents a lot due to work and my own family commitments, just the way it is I suppose. My daily routine of loneliness never changes. I wake up make breakfast, walk to the local store then sit in a chair all day.

My ex wife left me for a younger guy and is now living somewhere abroad. I have tried dating through the dating websites but the women are too unapproachable. I did manage to go one one date with a woman I was talking with for a month but that was a complete disaster. I have looked online for groups for lonely people but there is not a lot in my area.

What does a lonely 50 year old man do? Is there life after 50 or is this it?

I always liked playing my guitar and writing songs but can not seem to find the push anymore, everything just seems like a huge effort, I seem to have lost something inside. Anyway suppose I will just keep going on.

p.s. Nice site

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Thornton Staff answered 3 months ago

Feeling lonely is part of being human. Everyone feels it! What is important is that it doesn’t become a way of life. From your story, you invest your time in routines and have a monotonous schedule. That’s the easiest route to get bored and feel lonely. You need to switch things up, deviate from the routine and explore new activities that bring you happiness.

Playing songs and writing songs is an outward expression of happiness. This is why It’s no surprise you find it difficult to make music. You have to be happy to enjoy the things you love doing. You’re just halfway through life and there’s a lot to be hopeful for at fifty. You can take up projects and build on dreams you weren’t able to accomplish. This will give you a new-found direction and purpose which is good for your mental health. Donald Trump became President of United States at age 70, Morgan Freeman got his big break at 52. Imagine if they gave up at age fifty?! There’s a lot ahead that can make you happy and feel fulfilled in life. You just have to make a conscious effort and reach for them.

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