How should a man prepare for divorce?

Phoenix Men QuestionsCategory: DivorceHow should a man prepare for divorce?
Martin asked 3 months ago

Hey Phoenix Men

Looks like I am headed for a divorce and a bitter one at that. The short of it is I caught my wife having an affair with a guy from her office. Apparently it has been going on for over 5 damn years, it all came out during a night out. She has already moved out and instructed her lawyers who are wanting an arm and a leg from me. I myself have not yet instructed a lawyer as yet I am trying to research as much as I can before hiring a legal team.

From what I have read it seems the easiest thing to do is just give her what she is entitled to otherwise the divorce lawyers will drag it on forever and charge me a fortune. Anyone been through this before? A little advice on how to prepare for the coming divorce would be greatly appreciated.

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Thornton Staff answered 3 months ago

Hey Martin. I know how it feels to be scarred by the one you love, a betrayal that you never saw coming. It hurts a lot when divorce happens. Especially when it wasn’t even your damn fault. Sadly, the current justice system favors the female folks. The first step is to secure your financial separation by freezing any joint account if you have any and securing at least half of the balance before she can financially wipe you clean. The second most important thing to do is to change your passwords. Your devices/social media accounts can be used to create false stories if hacked.

It’s imperative for you to learn the divorce laws of your land so you can gear up for what is to come. This is also not the time to put a stranglehold on your most prized possession. I know how it hurts to lose assets that you worked your ass for but in order to scale through, you must be prepared to let some things go. This way, you get to settle quickly out of divorce than being dragged unnecessarily for a long period by lawyers whose aim is to have sunk a gaping hole in your wallet.  More importantly, you need to accept that the marriage has ended and move on with your life

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