How long does it take for a man to get over a divorce

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Phil G asked 3 months ago

My wife left me for a guy she knew and dated in her 20s. We have been married for 19 years and now divorced for 3 years. I can not get her out of my head, I dream of her every night and think of her daily. I am now living alone and am not coping. When will the damn pain stop? When will I be able to move on? I am not getting any younger and not feeling confident for the future. Anyone out there been through similar all advice welcome thank you.

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Thornton Staff answered 3 months ago

There’s no doubt love messes up our logical thinking. This was my case some years back. I kept allowing an unfaithful wife to screw up my mind. It was a toxic relationship and I kept on forgiving her, overlooking her excesses while blaming myself. It wasn’t until I realized that life is a manifestation of our conscious efforts and thoughts, that everything changed for the better for me.

Thus, you need to be intentional about moving on, come to terms with why the relationship ended, and accept that it did. Chances are that she was probably cheating with that same guy during the course of the marriage. So why inflict yourself with pain over someone that was never truly yours? I’ll advise you remove everything and stop doing things that remind you of her. Have a positive change in lifestyle and do more stuff that makes you happy. You also need to get back into the dating scene and build your self-esteem back. You can do better than this and you can get a better woman.

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