Divorced man at 45 now what?

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Jim asked 3 months ago

Hi, i am recently divorced at 45 and feel as if it is now too late for me to ever find a loving partner now. What do you suggest I can do to find someone loving. I have never lived alone before and it is killing me. Thanks in advance Jim

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Thornton Staff answered 3 months ago

Whilst it might be hard to sustain love, it’s never too late to find love. My simple guide to finding love again is to ensure that you’re fully healed. You need to let out all the bad blood of the previous relationship as it can go on to ruin future ones if retained. Once you’re sure you’re fully healed, you can then put yourself out there. Go on outings, volunteer, hang out and have friends introduce you to other friends. You’re very likely to find that loving person in your social circle, so keep expanding it. Another thing you need to do is to work on yourself. Women are excellent body language and mood readers. They’re attracted to positive energy, so it becomes important to stay happy, radiate bliss and live a healthy lifestyle that women will find interesting.

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