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Marshall asked 3 months ago

Hey my situation is as follows – I am a man in my early 50s now alone and living in a tiny rented place so depressing. It was never like this, in fact just two years ago I was living in a beautiful family home with 3 children I saw on a daily basis.

I worked hard all my life to provide and support my wife and children. When our last child finally left home my wife started meeting a lot of old friends from her past that she found online, she was always getting dressed up nicely for nights out and even days away. Looking back I feel so stupid for not seeing it coming, I suppose you can guess the rest without me having to tell you.

So my situation now is living alone with no wife and no friends. I have my ups and down days today is a down day guess that’s why I’m posting here, the stories I have read on this website have been a good source of help for me.

My question is why do a huge number of coupes get divorced when the children leave home? Thanks in advance guys Marshall Anderson

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Paul answered 3 months ago

Hi Marshall

Before I answer your question, I want you to know that you’re not alone on this. If everyone in the world presents their problems, you’ll be shocked and won’t think twice before you pick up your problems. Life can be better. Just move on, make positive lifestyle changes and work on getting a better place. The reason why most couples get divorced after the children leave the home is because over the years, couples shift their full attention to the children and neglect themselves. The father is more concerned about paying the children’s bills and providing for them, the mother takes an active role in molding and caring for the kids.

Owing to lack of intimacy, attention, communication and change in interest, couples grow apart, and when their singular common interest (the kids) move on, a huge void is left open in the marriage and the consequence is divorce! Thus married couples need to realize that their spouse’s needs come before the kids. Without them there won’t even be any children.

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