60 year old senior man and lonely as hell

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Peter J Shelby asked 3 months ago

Hey Guys hopefully someone out there can help me out a little.

Feeling really down and have been for the last five years since the loss of my wife through breast cancer. I am a 60 year old man living alone and unbelievably lonely. I never ever thought this would happen to me, I have read about loneliness in the past when I was younger and never gave it a second thought but now I am living it. The worst part is the boredom during the day and then lying alone in bed at night my mind goes into overdrive.

I miss my wife and know she would want me to move on. I am not looking for sex I am just looking for companionship, someone to hug and go on walks with. I have looked at dating sites and do not feel it is the way to go for me anyway.

Well thank you for hearing me out and take care. Peter Shelby in USA

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Thornton Staff answered 3 months ago

We live in a world that celebrates self reliance and it’s truly killing us. Did you have children out of the marriage? Or best, do you have grandchildren? Break out from the western culture norm and reach out to them. Make plans to visit them and spend time with them. Doing this will really make you happy. As regards boredom, you need to fill up your schedule with interesting and healthy activities. You’re sixty and still physically active and healthy. Don’t waste away in loneliness and depression. You can rediscover yourself and find love in new things and activities. No woman wants a boring old guy. Not even the elderly women that move around with walkers. And you would think they shouldn’t be choosy right?! The truth is that you need to have something good going on for yourself for you to attract good women. So, focus on yourself first, make yourself happy and try to make your life interesting. Do this, and it won’t take long for the woman of right age and perfect heart to locate you and fall in love with you. And this will be because the positive aura around you is irresistible.

Simon answered 3 months ago

Hi Peter you are not alone, I also lost my wife of 28 years to breast cancer, it destroyed me for a long time its is natural to feel the way your feeling, to combat my loneliness I started going to my local pub and joined the darts team and met many friends through this. Life goes on so try to join some kind of club or social gathering it really does help. There are thousands of lonely guy out there looking for buddy’s you just need to put yourself out there, I know its scary at first but it get easier believe me. All the best for the future.

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