Wife Broken After Abuse By Father

My Story – By Cole:

I have been divorced for some years now and I must say that the journey has not been an easy one for me. My ex wife and I had a lot of struggle few months after our wedding and I remember vividly well, our last date before we tied the knot, it was at our favourite cafe downtown where I resided back then and she loved their coffee so bad that I teased her about becoming a waiter at the cafe. She is a very intelligent woman and that was one of her many attributes that attracted me to her. Then she started bringing up issues from her past; that she was not really in good relationship with her dad and that was the reason she always ignored my questions or tried to distract me with a joke, whenever I asked about her dad. But … Read the rest

Divorce Help & Advice Articles For Men

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Inspirational Poems For Men

A collection of poems written by A I Graham exclusively for Phoenix Men all over the world…


I knew I had to travel
On a journey through my mind
There among the recollections
A youth I had to find

A lad of curiosity and notions
Who felt the magic all around
In his carefree world of wonder
Treasures did abound

Each day was full of mysteries
Each lesson filled with awe
His thirst for life unconquered
His energy it was raw

His loyalty was unwavering
His innocence was quite pure
And on each challenge taken
His confidence was quite sure

I thought that I had lost him
To a nostalgic memory
But glancing into a reflection
I saw him gazing back at me

A step in the right direction

The journey has started
And you are on your way
To meet an adventure
At the end of the day… Read the rest

Dear Son


Listen to these words son and heed them if you can
I promise if you listen the boy will become a man
Always keep a promise and lead and honest life
Lies will see you living on the edge of a knife

On the day that you were born there was nothing on you back
This world owes you nothing so get up and stay on track
I never looked up to the money man who smoked a big cigar
He bled like me ate three meals a day and bore a similar scar

Dear son Ive seen it all before
Bad deeds come back around
And knock you to the floor

The greatest things in life can never be bought or sold
Honor love and a passionate mind can never be had by gold
Every trinket that you own is simply on loan for a while… Read the rest


“Cheer up” they say, as if the thought had never crossed your mind. Words of inspiration and encouragement can only achieve so little when you’re drowning in loneliness, as it really takes conscious efforts and determination to overcome it. Many feel loneliness is normal since virtually everyone experiences it at some point in time. So, they see it as a cross they have to carry and a way of life. While I certainly won’t disagree with you, I hope my next few words will make you review your position on loneliness. Faster than smoking, faster than cancer is the rate at which loneliness kills.

Independence is usually glorified in most spheres as a symbol of strength. As a society, we tend to value individual achievement and extol self-reliance. But in the long run, we come to find out that even the most independent person will one day realise how lonely … Read the rest

Domestic Violence Against Men

Generally, when the topic of domestic violence is brought up, everyone assumes that only women can suffer from this. People are so used to the idea of women being the subject of domestic violence, that they assume that the athletic and energetic attribute men are generally known for, make it impossible for them to be bullied by their partners or by other family members. However unrealistic the idea might seem, sound statistics have shown that domestic violence actually goes both ways.

Statistics from the home office in Britain and the British crime survey have shown that men make up about 40 percent of domestic violence victims each year. About two out of five reported domestic violence cases in Britain and various other countries have had their victims being men and those are cases that are actually reported. Sadly, the majority of these cases are usually ignored when they are reported … Read the rest

10 Signs You Are P**** Whipped

Finding love is a beautiful thing. You get to worry more and spend more, congratulations! If you’re in the driver’s seat of the relationship, you probably deserve some accolades. You just got on the endangered species list, being pussy whipped is no laughing matter.

Love should be 50/50, one could be enchanted by a woman’s poise and beauty but no man should be spellbound into being a modern-day slave of love. The fascinating thing about being pussy whipped is that the victims are always in self-denial, they are totally blinded by the truth. Journey through this list of top 10 signs you’re whipped; if you recognize any of them, for the love of Christ, grow a pair and usurp the domineering partner of yours in taking control of the relationship.


This refers to those stuck in relationships where one has to report to headquarters just to … Read the rest

Top 5 Questions Women Have About Men

“Why do you go through so much effort to get our phone number… and then don’t call?” – The #1 question women wanted answered by men

We recently polled girlfriends, associates and any women who’d give me a response just what their top questions were that they had for men. I think you’ll find what they shared with me honest and enlightening.

So let’s get to it. Just what would women like to know about men? Here you go:

1. Why Don’t You Call When You Asked For My Number?

“Why do guys almost make complete idiots of themselves with all kinds of shenanigans (like yelling at me from their cars) to get my number, and then don’t call?” – Laurie 29, Los Angeles CA

“Okay, here’s one for you: Why do men ask for your number… and then not use it?” – Ellen 48, Los Angeles

“I can understand … Read the rest

Western Women V Asian Women: Asian Women Win Say 2.4 Million Facebook Users.

We live in a crazy universe where the coalition of women has claimed to possess the same ability as men in mostly all aspects of life. The tomb of our male ancestors would definitely have shaken in the light of such event. Unfortunately for feminists, this article isn’t meant to boost your ego. For aeons, there has always been a dispute regarding the most desirable and beautiful race of women. It’s notable that interracial marriages are on the rise but one also must recall that all races are beautiful and no race is superior but the issue concerning who makes a better spouse between Asian women and Western women is one argument that never ceases to tickle interests. Let’s nail this squabble once and for all, shall we?

Firstly, physiologically Western women and Asian women are very different. While the former has a generally pale, white skin complexion, Asian women … Read the rest

HYPERGAMY – Men Be Very Very Aware

What if I told you marriage is a lot like prostitution belied with affection or the motive to foster a family, will you call me bitter? People go into relationships for different reasons, while marrying for love and romance is the most common driving motive of getting married, life experiences has shown that a lot of ulterior motives go into the decision of tying the Knott. Hypergamy is the act or practice of marrying someone of higher caste or social status. Simply put, hypergamy means “marrying up”.

Next to the word hypergamy is a woman’s name; women are naturally hypergamous. Except in some rare cases whereby a man marries the daughter of a wealthy man to elevate his status, men generally breed across and down in the dominance hierarchy. In the end, it’s just the way both sexes are wired. The same way you find women’s boobs and ass attractive, … Read the rest