I was unfaithful to my girlfriend!

My Story – By Simon:

Evelyn and I were together right from our college days, we were college love birds. We were so drunk in love and had dreams we wanted to build together. She always wanted to own a fashion store and since I am not a novice in the fashion industry, we planned on working towards it together. Everything went smoothly for us, although we had our fair share of the fights, it was not usually for long. We always found a way to settle our fights within a short period of time.

After graduation, it was hard to keep up with our lives, she started managing her dad’s company and I got a nice paying job. Since we didn’t stay close to each other, we only saw during the weekend. I was happy with Evelyn and every time we met I tried to make the most out … Read the rest

Girlfriend says she needs space and time to think

My Story – By Andrew:

Sometimes when I look at the turn of events, the thought of what must have happened to my girl just comes to my mind. We got engaged six months after dating each other, we were childhood neighbours but we never really interacted much because of the fact that I was way older than her and we were never in the same space. I think there was never really anything to talk about between us. I was almost close to my mid- thirties when we started dating and she was just twenty-six. Her parents are quite well to do and I guess that sped up her education while I had to hustle out my way up the social economy ladder. I always felt that we rushed things a bit because when I started getting close to her, she had just broken up with her boyfriend and … Read the rest

Drinking & sleeping around lost me the girl of my dreams – Whats wrong with me?

My Seperation Story – By a complete idiot:

I met my girlfriend during my final year in college. She casually walked up to me to inquire about an event to which I was a member of its organising committee, and I somehow summoned up just enough courage to ask her if she’d be interested in grabbing a drink with me. She agreed, and the rest is history. We dated for four years, and we were going to get married in the fall of 2017.

Being with my girlfriend changed a lot of things about me, and it wasn’t just in a good way. At first, I was just overwhelmed that I was finally dating a girl of my dreams. Before her, I had dated two girls that weren’t particularly spectacular. The two relationships had happened by chance, and their continued existence for the short times they lasted was just convenient … Read the rest

My wife and her brother betrayed me for money

My Story – By Arron:

I used to think that I would be complete with my wife and have a happy home and family. I ignored the signs when we got married but then again, being accommodating and tolerant, I loved her dearly. For our first few years of being married we hoped for children but had miscarriages but finally had my beautiful daughter. I was able to take her to the doctors for checkups. I was there for her, giving her lots of support. I never held back my feelings. My trust for her was immense. Right now, I’m thinking I was really blind of being in love and staying faithful and true.

I cannot really say that my ex-wife was cheating on me but something within her was not right. That spark we used to share became so cold, she was the same woman I fell in love … Read the rest

Cheating Girlfriend – I’m So Hurt

My Divorce Story – By Arty P:

There’s a girl I met in my days at the University. I would say she was pretty out of my league but miraculously I won her heart, with persistence of course. Dating her was magical, it seemed like a fairy tale. Then after graduation, we were still rocking the boat despite being in different states. After a while, she suggested we get an apartment and move in together, which we did. I couldn’t stay afloat in the labour market by not quickly getting a good job and she was supportive despite that. After a while, she got hired at a top firm and imagine how joyous we were, little did I know that the bad times were on the way.

I’m not lazy and it wasn’t as if I never saw job opportunities. I just had high expectations. I stayed at home and … Read the rest

Gold Digger Wife Used Me Then Divorced Me

My Story – By Tony:

When I think of my life, at times I just see it as a fairy tale that turned sour. I grew up in a loving family of five and I can say to an extent that I had a good childhood. Growing up, I was a total nerd, well I’m still a nerd anyway. Being a book worm and coupled with the fact that I was reserved and easy going, only drowned by socialization skills. I had a tiny social circle which comprised of nerdy kids that I had things in common with. From playing games to re-acting Sci-Fi movies, we really had fun. Thank God they’re still part of my life.

I must have loved my books more than anything in the world. While it landed me a well paying job, it sure made a mess of my love life. I have always had … Read the rest

Miscarriage Has Destroyed Us – Divorce Looks Likely

My Story – By Andrew:

I used to think love, companionship, great sex and a litany of other things the love gurus talked about was all that was needed to make a marriage work. When my wife and I were courting we had all types of discussions that couples had and one of the things we agreed on was childbearing and the number of children we were going to have. We were both excited about the prospect of having kids of our own. But life threw us a curve ball and our plans came to naught.

Seven years went by and we were still yet to have a child. I was so worried about not having our own kids, so I brought up the idea of adoption but she was not in support of it. Not that she had a thing against adoption but she preferred to birth her own … Read the rest

Wife Said She Needed A Break Then Divorced Me

My story- By Williams:

My wife and I were married for two years before we got divorced early last year. Claire used to be all loving and high-spirited back then. She was always available both emotionally and physically, so it was instinctive we got married 5 months after we met. We felt we knew all we needed to know about one other because those five months felt like years. Then things started changing shortly after our wedding, she became distant and most times it felt like we were strangers. She suggested she wanted a different bedroom where she could sleep alone and I felt sad and bothered when she brought up the suggestion. I declined at first but I couldn’t hold her back for long since her mind was already made up and I knew for a fact that things would become different if we stopped sharing a room. Yet … Read the rest

Girlfriend Dumped Me For A Rich Guy

My story- By Kelvin:

We started dating almost four years ago and somehow I knew she was the one for me, or so I thought. I meet her in my last year of university. At first I couldn’t really believe why a lady like her could even give me attention, but she seemed like she was really into me so I gave us a shot.

Two years into the relationship we had already broken up five times, it was a roller coaster, hot-cold kind of relationship and it was wearing me out. I always thought that she was being childish and maybe a little distracted by what her friends were talking about in their relationship. So I tried to work on some of what she complained about me and adjusted to be her own kind of man.

I was almost the perfect man for her but I had one problem, … Read the rest

My Wife Slept With My Brother

My Divorce Story – By Kev:

I was married for twenty-four years and truly believed that it was for life. Little did I know that I would be proved so massively wrong. I am not going to go over every little detail as I have been down that torturous road many, many times. I have since moved forward positively with my life in a way I would never have thought possible just a few months ago.

I read many of the divorce stories on this website and, in hindsight, feel my story is not nearly as bad as some on here. With this in mind, I tell myself on a regular basis that I’ve got two great kids out of the marriage and that they’ve made the hurt, betrayal and financial cost worth it.

I worked hard, really hard, on building a great business from the ground up. I was … Read the rest