How to overcome loneliness of being single

My Loneliness Story – By Kenny:

There’s always a down side to everything in life and I think my timid and introverted nature has cost me a lot. I guess sometimes, a parent’s overwhelming love might cost the kid a lot. I was the only child of a single mother and she smothered me too much that I never saw the need of socialising. Thus having a sheltered childhood stamped my faith as a loner for the biggest part of my life. As a child I was extremely shy and never really bonded with anyone. Every person I tried to befriend ended up dominating the relationship.

When I started school, I was quickly turned into a target for the rest of the children. They formed groups of friends, I was however always alone. So after a while some of the more sinister kids started acting violently towards me. They threw … Read the rest

What to do when you have no friends and are bored

My Loneliness Story – By Arry:

I am very creative person and its how I pay my bills. Need a graphics designer or a motion graphics expert? I’m the one to call. Even though having these skills ensured that I had all I needed, I’m a very lonely man. At times being alone helps me to be more creative because I am always in my head trying to think of more creative ideas, yet it is no way to live as it has cost me a lot.

Even though I grew up in a tightly knitted family, having most of my friends and family stay around me, I don’t see any of them since I became fed up with socializing. The ones that tried to keep in touch, I sort of pushed them away and they stopped when they had enough of my indifferent attitude. My luck changed from someone … Read the rest

40 single and lonely

My Loneliness Story – By Alex:

I’m a caring, nice and compassionate person, yet people ignore me anyway. Could it be something I am doing that is scaring people off? I have no idea. People just don’t seem to care enough about me to start or keep a conversation going. I’m generally the “if no one else is there” guy; meaning if there is no other person to talk to, that’s when people talk to me.

But the fact remains that I’m shy and generally very introverted in public. So it’s very hard for me to meet new people, in that I’m not particularly good at starting conversations. I have a tendency of keeping to myself anytime I am in a new place, and this has made it very difficult for me to make new friends. I do have some friends, but I wouldn’t consider them “close” and they all … Read the rest

Overcoming Loneliness

My Loneliness Story – By PB:

I have been lonely for a while now, and I think it’s fair to say that I have finally gotten it all figured out. So you might ask why are we lonely, even if we´re blessed with family and friends? Even if we are free from all cares in the world, And even if we long for all of that we cannot and then finally attain it. The answer is not far from the fact that all those material things and achievements are irrelevant because loneliness is our own and it is in an essence of who we are.

He or she that is an individual, with the smallest hint of an owned personality or uniqueness is DOOMED to be lonely. This is because NO ONE can claim that they really understand what it is like to be that person for an entire lifetime. … Read the rest

Sick of being single and lonely

My Loneliness Story – By Stephen:

In life, there are two versions of people, the outgoing type and the anti-social type. Those who are the live wire of any gathering, I’m talking about those people that you can’t help but love their charisma. Then comes those of unfriendly aura that unwelcome people’s company, I am one of the many who ended up here. With everything that has happened in my life, I think I may be anti-social. Personally, I’m naturally introverted and mingling in social gatherings is not my forte.

In little words, I am not the kind of person that likes to be around a lot of people. I’d rather just be alone and thrive in my own space. Several people have asked me why I like to keep to myself; I’m still yet to think of a justifiable reason.

Remember those high school or college movies that involve … Read the rest

I have no friends and no life

My Loneliness Story – By Andrew Boyd:

The journey of being happy to being depressed is always gradual and progressive and makes you wonder why couldn’t I have done something about it? But truly life is difficult and gets us all at some point. At times people look at you and wonder why your life is so miserable without realizing that they’re just the lucky ones. Some of us really have it bad and our current depressed state is as a result of several unfortunate turn of events. The vicissitude of life they call it.

It’s really fair to say life has been unkind to me. I used to have a huge family, now the little family I have left pretty much do their own thing and I have no contact with them. At times I just wonder what the problem is. It’s almost as if the word “family” holds … Read the rest

Tired of being a single man

My Loneliness Story – By Alastair B:

Ever since I can remember, I have been a single child to my parents and never felt lonely. It wasn’t that I had playmates all the time but during that period of my life, I guess my mentality towards loneliness was different. I can simply just say that when I was younger, being alone did not necessarily mean being lonely. But as the years went by and I grew older, being alone brought new meaning. Loneliness opens a darkness within one’s soul, like a black hole that refuses to close up. It gets even worse when I realized that I couldn’t find anyone to share my life and dreams with.
Finding love for me was very difficult, I have tried the traditional ways of meeting women at parks, parties and other places but yet, no success.

So I took to online dating, this … Read the rest

Single and lonely depression

My Loneliness Story – By Alex:

I’m just really depressed and I have been for months now. It’s just as if the whole world is against me. And this makes me wonder why do good people have it bad? Deep within myself I know that I’m a kind and compassionate man and it’s just so frustrating with the way life has dealt with me. Even in relationships I don’t find it easy and at times it makes me feel like I’m unlovable.

I’ve only been in two relationships and in both cases my ex girlfriends left me. The most recent one is that of my girlfriend of 2 years. She said she doesn’t love me anymore out of the blues and my soul within me is distressed. I thought it was one of those fights we had which we eventually talk out and make up. I thought it was all … Read the rest

I Am Lonely!

My Loneliness Story – By Martin Baxter:

Hi, I am so lonely!

I moved to a new town after I lost my job a few months ago. I was able to get this new job through a friend who works with an insurance firm in the same town. I had to leave my family members and the few friends that I had made just to be close to work. It was hard enough for me to make those friends in the first place, even though most of them were my colleagues at work and I wouldn’t really consider them close. Though I had some wonderful moments with them, like nights out and all that, but even in those moments I always felt this pang of loneliness deep within me.

I am a naturally a reserved person, and I keep to myself most times. The few friends and family members that … Read the rest