Am I in the right relationship?

It is very difficult for one to be able to understand a person’s inner thoughts and feelings. Reading another persons mind, is a phrase commonly mentioned but rarely achieved. The definition of love is not easy to come by and the true understanding of it has not been achieved by many. Can blame be put to one for falling in love? Or feeling very close and drawn? Should this be accepted as a natural feeling?

The feelings of love and attraction are natural. Nobody can beat the feeling of love. Love cannot be hidden and has to be expressed. The feeling of love cannot be explained and therefore the term soul mate comes into play. The couple is able to learn each other and know all about them selves. Situations arise where one feels s strong connection to more than one person’s and they have to make a choice. The choice would be much easier if one was able to read the others heart and intentions.

So if the initial attraction transverses to love, one has no choice but to follow their heart in order to be happy. If you run away from love, then you may end up becoming a very unhappy and disgruntled person in life. In cases where you feel that the love for the other person is just infatuation then the best thing would be to be open about it and come up with a mutual understanding that will ensure both of you are happy.

How do you make a difference between real love and plastic fake love? The answer to this question may not be very easy as many are the times when one cannot really know how to categorize the love there are receiving from their partners. Life is very interesting as you may meet that one person who will have an overhaul effect on your life. Therefore, when in love be careful not to ignore it, judge it or through it away as this may lead to regrets in the future. How would you know whether this would have been it if you don’t give it a try?

If you are in love and feel comfortable, peaceful and safe, then you may just be on the right truck of love. On the other hand, if you feel suspicious and scared then take a second look at yourself before you give your love.

Does love have such serious effects? With love can ones character change or be affected? Is love easy to let go of? Some of these answers may not be easy to find. Therefore, let’s tread ahead and enjoy the power of love and the life and adventure we can experience when in love.

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